Published Papers

Working Papers

  • COVID-19 Infection Externalities: Trading Off Lives versus Livelihoods” (2020), joint with Anton Korinek. [NBER WP] [VoxEU Non-technical] [COVID Economics]

  • Private Information in Over-the-Counter Markets” (2016), joint with Bruno Sultanum and Nicholas Trachter. [new draft available soon]

  • Consumer Credit, Unemployment, and Aggregate Labor Market Dynamics” (2015). [PDF]

Working Papers

  • Unemployment, Aggregate Demand, and the Distribution of Liquidity”, joint with Guillaume Rocheteau.

  • Consumer Credit Regulation and Lender Market Power”, joint with Joaquin Saldain and Eric Young.

Other Work

  • Inefficiency in a Simple Model of Production and Bilateral Trade” (2018), joint with Bruno Sultanum and Nicholas Trachter. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly

  • Dynamic Indeterminacy and Welfare in Credit Economies” (2014), joint with Guillaume Rocheteau and Tai-Wei Hu. Older working paper that was split into “Optimal Credit Fluctuations” and “Indeterminacy in Credit Economies”